Compatible for all types of desk top printers.
Application on Matt and semi-gloss papers.
Moderate smudge resistance.
Particularly suited to supermarket pack and box end labels.

Wax Resin:
Compatible with most types of printers and on line coders, with the exception of the TEC BX range.Application on matt, semi-gloss and gloss label stock as well as some types of vinyls.Excellent smudge resistance - moderate scratch resistance.Available in both wide edge and narrow edge leading.

Compatible with most leading edge printers, especially the TEC BX range of printers.
Application on semi-gloss, gloss and vinyl label stock.
Excellent smudge and scratch resistance - resistance to some types of chemicals.

On line Data Coding:
Compatible with all On line coding data printers. Application on high speed on-line coding machine. Both glossy and polyester stocks preferred.Varying scratch resistance between applications - excellent smudge resistance.Please call our technical support for further assistance.
Excellent support and great prices.