AlphaTec provide the best solutions in Bar code Label Software. Our Bar Code Label Software provides for ease of use and set up, support in the latest Tag Types, functionality, speed and versatility.

LabelView Label Printer Software:

Long File Names - Up to 255 characters allow for full descriptions in naming files.
Windows Compliant Interface - Allows for customization of toolbars and screen colors.
Database Connectivity - Through native dBase or Microsoft ODBC allows for easy querying and printing for database files.
True WYSIWYG Imaging - Eliminates guesswork by ensuring labels print exactly as they appear on your screen.
Graphic Images Capability - Lets you import multiple types of graphic images.
CommWatch - Allows data to be printed from a serial device such as a scale or bar code scanner.
OLE Client - Allows you to embed or link WordArt, spreadsheets, word processing documents into your label design.
Variable Field Capability - Allows for date and time stamps, linked expressions for calculating data within your label, and more.
Serial Files - Allows for secure sharing and maintenance of production serial numbers.
2D Symbologies - Allow for encoding more data in smaller areas.
LABELVIEW Symbol TrueType Font - Allows you to print industry specific symbols that are high quality at any size.



BarTender Label Printer Software:

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use - Format bar codes, text and graphics exactly the way you want using simple, intuitive mouse motions.
Supports RFID-Capable Printers - Choose from a variety of encoding standards for RFID tags on “smart labels.”
High Precision On-Screen Display - The extremely accurate design-time view and print-time preview let you design quickly without wasting labels.
Exceptional Font Control - Access a remarkably wide selection of Windows and printer fonts. Mix different text styles in a paragraph and connect them to different database fields.
Advanced, Customisable Serialisation - Generate anything from the simplest serial numbers to the most advanced, totally custom sequences.
Predefined and Reusable “Toolbox” Components - Jumpstart your designs with common, predefined building blocks ready for immediate insertion into your labels.
Compliance Labels and Ready-to-Print Formats - We’ve familiarised ourselves with numerous label standards to build BarTender into the most full featured compliance-labelling tool available.
Custom Data-Entry Forms - When you won’t know some of your label data until the last second, customisable, pop-up “Prompt Dialogs” make it easy to enter it at print time.
Industrial Symbol Libraries - Choose from hundreds of high-quality, scalable symbols organised into categories such as electrical, hazardous material, packaging, and more.
Smart, Helpful Wizards - Numerous “Wizards” walk you step by- step through critical design decisions that affect your printing performance and compliance with key label standards.

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